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Our country witnessed the vulnerability and disenfranchisement of millions of migrant workers and their families during the nationwide COVID lockdown. We all saw the heartrending pictures, exposing realities of the marginalized.

We all - civil society, philanthropy, the private sector, and governments - got together to provide immediate relief. At Jan Sahas, during this period we:

Now, we all need to shift our focus to addressing the underlying resilience of migrant families as we prepare for the long road to economic recovery and the possibility of multiple waves of COVID. We need to ensure a safety net that prevents families from repeatedly falling back into poverty, ensure safe and stable livelihoods to provide a pathway out of poverty, and ensure basic rights and dignity of workers. In many cases, the money is there to be leveraged at scale (e.g., ~INR 25-30,000 crores unspent in state BOCW funds, which we estimate to represent a 14-45x leverage opportunity for philanthropy). What is needed now is for civil society to support the operational delivery of entitlements/social security and strengthen implementation of worker rights.

We cannot do this alone. Supporting our fellow citizens will require a unified strategy and collective action that brings together civil society, the private sector, and government, each of which has demonstrated great capacity for collaboration over the past few months.

Hence, we are pleased to bring to you the Migrants Resilience Collaborative (MRC): a grassroots-led multi-stakeholder collaborative of nonprofit, philanthropic, and private sector actors focused on ensuring safety, security, and mobility for vulnerable migrant families across India. The Collaborative will be India's largest grassroots-led collaborative, and largest non-governmental initiative dedicated to migrant workers and their families.

We will support 10 million workers and their families in 100 districts and cities (across source and destination) over the next 5 years, towards the following outcomes at scale:

We will deliver this by building upon our two-decade track record serving migrant families, and mobilizing a powerful collaborative consisting of:

MRC will be guided by Steering Council members and Jan Sahas, along with strategic partners Global Development Incubator and EdelGive Foundation, is working with a wide range of partners and advisors to strengthen strategies for MRC to implement.

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We have started 72 District Migration Resource Centers (DMRC) to provide assistance and support to migrant workers from 2nd October 2020 in 11 key states across India.

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